Shuffle by Kenny Schick is a highly original, diversified and compelling musical production from start to finish. It’s strong suit – its amazing artistic presence, brilliance, vision from Schick. This guy is a musical mastermind with more than enough zaniness, creativity and eccentricity to go around. For the record: Schick wrote, recorded, preformed, produced played electric, acoustic guitars, saxophone, basses, violin, Washing Machine, percussion, banjo on this CD. The songs are extremely melodic, grooving, and somewhat eccentric – but above all infectious. The songs are short and sweet musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair, and signature groove. Total SCORE 10/10 for all aspects.


‘Black and Blue’ by Kenny Schick – Nice Folk intro guitar playing, good accompaniment throughout. Love the guitar melodic vamp! ~Great lyrics, this is your strength! ~Good solid song structure.

Karen Randle Artist Relations USA Songwriting Competition

CMI Music Reiew:
‘None More Black’ by Kenny Schick – Great song, full of quality. Nicely done. I like the song, great feel, playing and vocals its well arranged and nicely delivered.

Alex CMI Music Group

METROACTIVE by Sarah Quelland – Feeling Fuzzy – Basement 3’s latest, ‘Fuzzyland,’ reaches the light of day By Sarah Quelland

UNDERGROUND IN THE MOST literal sense of the word, Basement 3, the subterranean recording project of local multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Kenny Schick (Dub FX, the Brownies, Neosoreskin, Dot 3), recently released Fuzzyland, the follow-up to Eating the Cannibal and Rising. The most collaborative of his three “solo” efforts, Schick features vocalist Heather Courtney and drummer Mike Freitas prominently on Fuzzyland and incorporates rich strings and punchy horns. Schick describes the sound as “agro-jazzy urban folk-core from Bottomland,” and on this intelligent and challenging record, he creates more quiet time inside the songs to allow the music and vocals to breathe.
The album opens with the haunting “Pieces,” a song full of lush symphonic melancholy touched by a mournful flute. Here Schick regards life’s disappointments as part of the experience, explaining, “All these struggles and broken dreams are not disasters/ It’s not as it seems/ Pick up the pieces and rearrange/ They fit together, perfect and strange.” READ REVIEW

…”He plays a million instruments and has been in a ton of completely different bands: Dot 3 (art-rock), Neosoreskin (circus-ska), Curveball (funk) and Dub Nation (reggae), plus he’s released five solo albums… stylistically: Americana, post-punk, jazz, funk-the list goes on. It’s truly eclectic.”

SanJose.com READ

“Schick has crafted a starkly beautiful acoustic gem. His lyrics and vocals are personal and confessional; the instrumentation is organic. I’ve been listening to this one a lot lately, discovering nuances with each spin.

Intimate, heartfelt and Crisp …9/10″ The Muse’s Muse – Music Reviews – by Chip Withrow

…”If you want to expand your musical horizons, and perhaps your consciousness, give Fuzzyland a try. From what I hear there’s more before that, and surely more to come, which is good news for the indie music scene and for us all.

The Muse’s Muse – CD REVIEW: Basement 3 – Fuzzyland By Steve Allat READ

“Just want to say you were awesome last night. I especially liked I think it was called “Opposites” around your first trip to Oz, the heartwarming duet with Sabine and your closing piece which was AMAZING! I have listened to a bit of the CD in the car today and love the Intro, what you do with rhythm in “Thank You, “Blackbird” including its shout outs to McCartney, “Games” (a lot of fun, wildness and truth here!) and “I Am” which is gorgeous and wonderfully extended.”

Rick Merritt

“I enjoyed hearing you and Sabine – you are both awesome. I also saw a new side of you – you could be a stand up comic!”

Dan Rubinstein

Kenny Schick – Article in MERCURY NEWS BY Shay Quillen – READ