Music Catalog

Kenny Schick’s full catalog of works with other artists:


Greg Camp – Smashmouth (recorded horns on his latest CD),
Charles Gillingham – Counting Crows (played with him in the John Singer Band),
Brain – Primus (played with him in Curveball),
Michael Urbano – Smashmouth, Curveball (played with him in Curveball),
Arion Salazar – Third Eye Blind (played with him in Curveball),
Ray White – Frank Zappa (played with him in Curveball),
Judy Mowatt – Bob Marley (played saxophone in her backup band while touring west coast),
Justin Hinds – Godfather of ska (played saxophone in his backup band while touring west coast),
GC Cameron – The Spinners (played with him on an upcoming CD with DubNation),
Yami Bolo (played saxophone in his backup band while touring west coast),
Sister Carol (played saxophone in her backup band while touring west coast),
JC Lodge (played saxophone in her backup band while touring east coast),
Bobby McFerrin – jazz vocalist grammy winner (played saxophone with him),
David Peel (played guitar in his backup band),
The Brownies (play saxophone with them and recorded/produced their up and coming CD),
DubFX (play saxophone with them),
Hershel Yatovitz – Chris Isaak (played with him in DB Walker’s Band)
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy (David Bowie is a fan, played saxophone on his album),
ArtemesiaBlack (plays live, recorded, played, produced – AGSL, Ghost Stories, Gravity),
DubNation (plays saxophone live and recorded 2 CDs),
DubCongress (played saxophone live and all 3 of their CDs – played muliple large Reggae Festivals such as Reggae on the River, Vermont Reggae Festival, Sierra Nervada Music Festival),
Sister Double Happiness (played saxophone on their WarnerBros CD release),
World Entertainment War (played saxophone, and arranged horn parts on their MCA release),
Neosoreskin (a band fronted by ex Skank an’ Pickle, played saxophone and co-produced 2 albums – opened for No Doubt, Black Eyed Peas, Ozomatli, A Reel Big Fish, Angelo Moore, No Use For a Name),
Dot3 (a very popular local bay area band, opened for such bands as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fishbone, James Blood Ulmer, Snake Finger, Level 42, The untouchables, Fire hose, Faith No More, Primus (they opened for us too),
Fungo Mungo (played on their album for Island Records),
Chris Sharron (produced his album and currently working on projects),
Rain Cruz (played on and produced her EP),
Fly to Blue (produced and recorded CD),
Aly Kahn (produced and recorded CD),
Frankie Chabaud (France – played on a few songs on his album and recorded a few songs in Australia),
Simon Phillips Band (Australia – played with him live),
KC (Australian Idol – recorded and mix her 1st solo album),
Sabrina Signs (recorded and produced and played on her CD),
Kara Goslin (recorded, produced and played on her CD),
Raffy Espiritu (recorded, produced, orchestrated and played on his CD),
Rick Merritt (recorded/engineered his new CD),
Anthony Arya (Season 15 The Voice – produced/recorded/mixed/mastered  ‘Going to California)
Mike Drew – produced/recorded/mixed/mastered – Debut CD, Whiskey EP, ‘Dreamin’ CD, ‘It Just Takes One’ CD,
EG Phillips – produced/recorded/mixed/mastered

Various company/business clients working on jingles, theme music etc

Artists Kenny has worked with:

Greg Camp (Smashmouth)
Charles Gillingham  (Counting Crows)
Brain (Primus)
Michael Urbano (Smashmouth, Curveball)
Arion Salazar (Third Eye Blind)
Ray White (Frank Zappa)
Judy Mowatt (Bob Marley)
Justin Hinds (Godfather of Ska)
Bobby McFerrin (Grammy Award Winner)
Hershel Yatovitz (Chris Isaak’s band)
Peter Colclasure
Jenny Maybee
The 10,000 Ways
Anthony Arya (The Voice 2018)
Emily Hough (The Voice 2018)
Tyke James (The Voice 2018)
Ruth Gerson
Brandi Starks
Levi J
Emily Zisman
Yami Bolo
Sister Carol
JC Lodge
Pato Banton
Time Spent Driving
David Peel
The Brownies
Southbay Dub Allstars
DB Walker band
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
The John Singer Band
Jailbait Babysitters
Frank Caruso
GC Cameron (Temptations & The Spinners)
Dub Congress
Sister Double Happiness
World Entertainment War
Bad Dogs Sit
Fungo Mungo
Sabine Heusler-Schick
Aly Kahn
Black Sea Surf
Rain Cruz
Sabrina Signs
The Devil’s Sunday Best
Elisabeth Carlsile
Christina Li
Mike Drew (Michael Drew, Mike Drew Band)
Raffy Espiritu
Luciano (Jamaica)
Jay and the Po Boys
Guilded Splinters
Smoke Ring Halos
Kara Goslin
Patrick McCauley
Dan Rubinstein
Chris Jercha
Saints & Sinners
Rick Merritt
Glenn Schoonmaker
Gail Weisman
The Vanities
Jim Boyers
John Honningford
Robert Perala
Yvonne Kerno
Cliff Rawson
LeGrand Hutchings
Marla Stone Lyons
Star La’Moan
The Kitchenettes
Hens Teeth Music AUST
Platinum Music UK
Nell Maynard
Martha Groves Perry
Erin Bentley
DB Walker
Josh Friedman
Ghost Collective
Dusty Moon
Cap & Ian
Samantha Margaret
Brenda Hammond
Kurt Gunderson
Sidewalk Frank
Kurt Porter
EG Phillips
Randy Fredrickson
Rosemary Austin
Tingly (Neosoreskin)
Vic Martin
Tariq Tayab
Peter Schaffer
Alex Stanley
Bonny Getz
Caitlyn Fong
Callai Hibbart
Chad Sellers
Devan Denton
Willy Rolland
Mandolin May
David Stewart Bowers
KC (The Voice Australia)